Policies should be reviewed annually by the new committee and read by all the new staff during induction.

Staff and Committee members will sign and date when they have read all of the playgroup policies. The policies which have been adopted by Aberdour Playgroup are as follows:

  1. Child Protection Guidelines and Policy based on CRBS Template (Updated April 2011)
  2. Health and Safety Policy and Risk Assessment (2006)
  3. Unexpected Child Absentee Policy (2007)
  4. Medication in Pre-School Groups Policy (2008)
  5. Equal Opportunities (Reviewed 2011)
  6. Curriculum (2006)
  7. Parental Involvement (2006)
  8. Confidentiality (2006)
  9. Admissions and Settling In (2006)
  10. Aberdour Playgroup Admission policy
  11. Lunch Club Admission Policy
  12. Billing System (2009)
  13. Additional Support Needs (2006)
  14. Staff Development (2006)
  15. Management of Staff Records Policy (2007)
  16. Staff Absence Contingency Plan Policy (2007)
  17. Disciplinary Procedure Aberdour Playgroup (2007)
  18. Grievance Procedure (2007)
  19. Policy for Payment of training (2009)
  20. Behaviour Management (2006):
  21. Complaints (2006)
  22. Whistleblowing (2006)
  23. Outings (2006)
  24. Infection Control (2006)
  25. Swine Flu Policy (2009)
  26. Anti-Bullying and Harassment (2009)
  27. Recruitment (2009)
  28. Referral of Individuals to the Disqualified From Working With Children List (2006)

These policies have been adopted to ensure that the set-up, all legal issues, curriculum points and playgroup aims are clearly defined and met. The full documents can be found in a special folder at the entrance to the playgroup hall and all parents/carers are encouraged to read them. Any comments, criticisms and concerns are welcomed and will be addressed. All play staff and committee members will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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