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Aberodur Playgroup gets the green flag for being an Eco-school. (Pic by Cate Gillon, tel: 0044 (0)7894 664 288).

Aberodur Playgroup gets the green flag for being an Eco-school. (Pic by Cate Gillon, tel: 0044 (0)7894 664 288).


At Aberdour Playgroup we are dedicated to embedding the ethos of Eco-schools in our daily Playgroup life. We want the children who attend our Playgroup to understand their responsibilities in sustaining their world now and in the future.

The Eco Schools activities help develop the children’s understanding of the natural world around them and encourages them to play an active role in looking after their world, not just in Playgroup but out in their community and beyond.  They become empowered to make a difference.  Their involvement in planning, decision making and evaluating Eco activities helps build confident individuals, successful learners, effective contributors and responsible citizens.

Our current three eco topics are embedded throughout the Playgroup day and are relevant to all areas of the curriculum.

The children are litter aware both in the Playgroup setting and when out and about in the community and our regular Beach Kindergarten gives them a specific awareness of the problems that litter may cause on the shore and in the sea.

Reducing, reusing and recycling is embedded in the Playgroup routine with opportunities to recycle paper, glass, plastic and food.  Junk modelling is core to the arts while at our eco table we collect stamps, batteries and old money for recycling.   On a day to day basis we regularly sort and count the recycling and make visits to the recycling areas outside.  Regular visits to local shops, for example to post collected stamps or buy bird ood cultivates the children’s sense of people, places and it supports our local community links.
Where possible in our Playgroup we aim to use natural materials in our equipment and toys to help reduce waste.  Children have a snack at both morning and afternoon Playgroup and many stay for lunch and the practice of using the brown food bin for their food waste is fully embedded.  Those who experience ‘Lunch Club’ use reusuable lunch bags and the use of reusable drinks cartons is encouraged.

The children are involved daily in activities such as feeding the birds, watering the plants during the summer months, tending the planters, feeding the wormery and the weekly beach kindergarten offers regular opportunity for the children to discover and care for their natural environment and become more seasonally aware. The regular planting of seeds, bulbs and the tending of plants encourages their natural curiosity and caring attitudes.

We have an Eco checklist which we regularly encourage children to do each session and they become our Eco Monitor/s  for that session.  The checklist encourages the children’s awareness of all the Eco topics and empowers the children to make decisions about their Playgroup setting.

GOOD NEWS WE HAVE BEEN AWARDED OUR GREEN FLAG- as of Monday 22nd Ferbruary 2016 

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