Beach kindergarten

beach kindergarten

At Aberdour Playgroup we offer a weekly Beach Kindergarten session. Each Friday morning all our children spend the morning exploring, having fun and enjoying the natural resource of the beach. This beautiful natural resource provides an abundance of learning opportunities for our children. They learn about the world around them, the science stories that come hand in hand with playing in the sand and in the rock pools. They experience the joy and excitement of the sea, the waves and the rawness of the seasons as they come and go.

We believe that outdoor play is fundamental to a child’s learning experience.

Here are some of the things our children have learnt during their Beach Kindergarten experience:

  • Confidence and self-esteem
  • —An appreciation of the natural beauty of the beach
  • —How to enjoy the energetic play of outdoors
  • —An ability to risk access for themselves and others, they understand that boundaries change each visit
  • —They share their learning with others by communicating their thoughts and feelings
  • —They work as a team and are empathetic to other children’s needs within the beach scenario
  • —They develop their powers of observation using their senses
  • —They are aware of the effect changes of weather have on them
  • —They have learnt to enjoy playing outdoors in any weather
  • —They have learnt about the process of getting ready to enjoy the outdoors … what clothes to wear, going to the toilet, how to travel safely


Here are some comments from our parents:

Beach day is fantastic! Love it, Love that the kids have outdoor time whatever the weather and my kids love making fires, toasting marshmallows, rock pools, playing in the sand, splashing in the sea!

It’s great that the children get out in the fresh air.

Bonnie loves going to the beach and learning about crabs and shells.

Beach day-BEST day at Playgroup!

We LOVE beach day! I’m always impressed how organised it is … toilet tent!

Beach day … Daisy loves it, her favourite!

Aroha really enjoys Beach Kindergarten! She loves spending the time out of doors and playing in a natural environment.

Beach kindergarten is one of the best things about Aberdour Playgroup. It guarantees Lily a good long stint outside and teaches her to enjoy the weather whatever that may be.It’s a weight off our minds as full time working parents that Lily can experience this with her friends and Playgroup staff whom we trust. I can’t fully express how much all 3 of us LOVE this opportunity for Lily to learn, play, share & experience the outdoors.

Beach day is absolutely fantastic and a big reason why I chose to put my child into Playgroup on a Friday, You do a brilliant job, Thank you so much x

The beach days are great as it’s such a valuable asset right on our doorstep.

Beach day is great! The kids love it-being outside, the exploring etc.

Aberdour playgroup has contributed to the Care Inspectorate’s new resource on outdoor play called ‘My World Outdoors’ (please see link at bottom of the page). This new resource highlights good practice for settings and promotes the benefits of outdoor play to all……we are very proud to have been chosen to contribute to this resource.


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