At present, we have a maximum number of 24 places in the morning and 24 in the afternoon. In order to give all staff lunchbreaks and to maintain our adult : child ratio, the maximum number of lunchclub places is 18.

Children are eligible to start playgroup at 2 years and 6 months. Children can attend Lunch Club and full day sessions from 2 years and 6 months.

Priority for playgroup sessions will be given on the following basis:

  • Children already attending playgroup. i.e. Children will not lose any sessions that they currently attend to another child on the waiting list.
  • Local children living in Aberdour and immediate surrounding area.
  • Children in their ante-preschool year.

Priority for Lunch Club sessions will be given to those children requiring full daycare. It is possible to attend a morning session plus lunchclub or a lunchclub plus afternoon session if there are spaces free and until a full-day child requires it. Please speak to the Admissions Secretary for details or either send an email to or use the Contact Us form on the link above.

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