Chair – Kirsten Fenton
Staff Liaison – Katy Dryden
Secretary – Paula Hyslop
Rota – Emma Strachan
Treasurer – Katie Brand

Admissions- Ally McKinlay

Facebook Administrator – Kirsten Fenton and Emma Strachan

Ordinary members- Shirley Maxwell, Wendy Curry

Fundraising- TBA

Committee Structure

Aberdour Playgroup is staffed by qualified Playleaders and relief staff who cover sessions when required. A committee of parents is elected each year who are responsible for running the Playgroup. They manage the staffing, the curriculum, the finances, the intake of children, the toys and equipment and all of the other administration work. The committee works hard to ensure Playgroup passes SCSWIS and EQUATE or HMIe inspections every year so that it can continue to exist. Playgroup relies upon the goodwill of parents to help out where possible. A brief overview of the committee positions is as follows. Some members manage more than one position and all important decisions are made as a whole committee.

CHAIRPERSON: This person chairs all committee meetings. He/she manages the committee and delegates jobs fairly to ensure that the committee works well together and that it makes decisions together. He/she makes sure the playgroup runs smoothly and that day-to-day issues are dealt with appropriately. The Chairperson is ultimately responsible for the playgroup and is therefore subject to PVG (Protection of vulnerable group scheme) checks.

STAFF LIASON OFFICER: Works closely with the Chairperson and manages staff issues. This person organises staff appraisals, is heavily involved with recruitment of new staff and is responsible for keeping the staff files up to date.

SECRETARY: Writes and maintains playgroup correspondence, prepares recruitment materials, countersigns cheques, prepares newsletters and other written material and deals with much of the general playgroup administration.

TREASURER: Responsible for the playgroup finances. This includes paying staff wages, petty cash, writing cheques for other items and maintaining the bank accounts.

PUBLICITY: Responsible for publicity/press for the playgroup which involves advertising and publicising the playgroup and associated events in local press, libraries, community noticeboards through the use of posters, photocalls etc and advertising vacancies in the media. Also help secretary with any newsletter items where applicable.

PARENT ROTA:  This person works out the parent-helper rota for each term.

FUND-RAISING: Plans and organises any events needed for additional funds needed. This could be to improve general playgroup finances or for a specific item required.

HEALTH SAFETY: Ensures safety equipment complete and up to date, arranging any necessary health and safety training, completing monthly health and safety checklists, including ensuring fire drills carried out regularly. Currently managed by the Manager.

FEES & FUNDING: Bills parents for their playgroup sessions, collects the money and puts it into the bank. Also claims the funding from Fife Council based on the number of children attending each session. This job is shared with the Manager.


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