Legal accountability

Aberdour Playgroup is accountable to several bodies:

  1. Fife Council’s Early Years Quality Assurance Team (EQUATE) who help us to meet curriculum requirements.
  2. HMI for eduction who inspect on behalf of the Scottish Executive as part of a rolling 3 year programme. HMIe look at our general standards and our coverage of the  Curriculum for excellence. Web link
  3. The Care Inspectorate who ensure that people using care services are protected and that the quality of care throughout Scotland is consistently in line with the Regulation of Care (Scotland) Act 2001. The Care Inspectorate inspect yearly. They can recommend change in order to improve practice or can require that that practice be changed. Web link
  4. The Charities Commission (OSCR) which is the independent regulator and registrar of Scottish Charities. Web link
  5. The parents. We have adopted a constitution that outlines the legal identity of the group and the boundaries within which we must operate. A copy of this is on the noticeboard at every playgroup session.

We liaise with and are supported by the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC). This body is responsible for registering our qualified play staff and regulates their education and training. Web link

We are given ongoing guidance from Early Years Scotland (EYS). Through membership of EYS and as a member of  EYS we keep up to date with all legal issues, documentation, training opportunities and we can request assistance with issues as they arise. Web link



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