Aberdour Playgroup actively encourages parents to participate in all aspects of the playgroup.

  • Parents are welcome to stay at Playgroup for as long as it takes to settle their child into Playgroup, or for as long as they wish to stay and play with their child.
  • Parents can help Playgroup by taking part in the DUTY ROTA (see Sessions) Parents will be notified of their duties each term. If you cannot manage the day(s) you have been allocated, it is your responsibility to find a replacement.  If circumstances mean that you, or a deputy, cannot do the duty there is an option to buy out each duty for a fee of £25.00. Details of what the duty rota entails are available at Playgroup. Please note that the duty rota is essential to maintain the 1:8 ratio of staff to children. Failure to turn up, or to organise a replacement, can adversely affect the day-to-day running of Playgroup.
  • Parents are asked to donate a box of tissues and a packet of wipes when their child first starts Playgroup.
  • Parents are invited to become involved in Playgroup sessions, sharing their skills, knowledge and ideas, or simply being amongst the children.
  • Parents can help by organising and supporting fund-raising efforts.
  • Parents can stand for election to the Playgroup Committee.
  • Parents can help on excursions.

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