Record keeping

Playleaders and committee members may come into contact with information of a confidential nature.

Each child has a Personal Learning Plan (PLP) which charts their progress within the curriculum. Parents can always access their own child’s PLP but will have no access to information about any other child under any circumstances.

Staff will not discuss individual children with anyone other than staff members or the child’s parents/guardians.

Information passed to the committee or playleaders will only be passed on to other staff and/or committee members with permission from the parent/carer.

In line with our Child Protection Policy, the right to confidentiality is not absolute. The welfare of the child is paramount.



Our playleaders use a digital camera to provide evidence of the each child’s achievements at playgroup. The Personal Learning Plans (PLPs) usually contain photographs of the children doing a variety of activities. Each child’s PLP is completely confidential and only their parents/guardians and play leaders have access to it. Occasionally these photographs will also be displayed on the Playgroup noticeboard.

We ask parents to sign a photograph permission slip (see the FORMS section of the website), however parents are at liberty to refuse permission and their wishes will be respected.

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