Adult/child ratios

1:6  Adults* in sessional groups. This is a maximum ratio and normally we operate at 1:6.

1:6  Registered playworkers for any group.

1:2  Adults for outings so that each child can hold a hand when near roads. This is an approximate ratio, each trip is risked assessed and appropriate child:adult ratios are applied.

1:4  Adults for trips to park. This has been risk assessed. The park is a 1 minute walk away from the playgroup’s base at Aberdour Institute: there are no roads or crossings to be negotiated and toilets, first aid and phones can be accessed in the Institute if the need arises. This ratio allows play staff to take the children outside, as the playgroup does not have an enclosed garden.

*There must be a minimum of 2 adults at all sessions, one of whom must be a registered playworker. An adult can be a parent, guardian, grandparent or student, i.e. not necessarily a play leader.


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